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Positive Steps at Frieze Los Angeles

We're on a journey to make our lounge at Frieze Los Angeles operate more sustainably. Discover the steps we're taking towards net zero.

No matter how big the challenge, there are always positive steps you can take in the right direction. This is why, as part of Deutsche Bank’s commitments to biodiversity and ocean conservation, we’re looking continually for new ways to minimise the impact of our events on the environment – and offsetting any carbon emissions that we can’t reduce. 

From fabrics made of recycled ocean plastic to food that hasn't had to travel as far, we’ve thought deeply about every detail of our lounges – and what we can do better. We’ve also begun working with new suppliers who share our commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions without sacrificing quality. And to ensure we continue to make progress each year, we commission a detailed carbon audit with First Climate, experts in carbon offsetting, and work with fellow members of the Ocean Risk & Resilience Action Alliance to offset our event activities.


Learn more about the positive steps we’re taking at Frieze Los Angeles below.

Positive Step 1

Furniture designed for future fairs

Made in the California, our Medley sofas are covered with Camira’s revolutionary Oceanic fabric, which is created using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Consisting of 50% SEAQUAL yarn, made from marine plastic waste found in our ocean, and 50% plastics destined for landfill, this fabric is a recycled polyester with a positive future – its blend of comfort and durability means we can reuse it at future LA fairs.

Positive Step 2

Coffee tables that support carbon capture

Our stools and coffee tables are made by Sage Interiors, a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). Both items are made with natural and sustainable materials that are reclaimed, FSC™-certified, or sustainably sourced. Among the many initiatives that Sage Interiors supports, they have already planted over 80,000 trees which will capture around 19,400 tons of CO2 during their lifetime.

Positive Step 4

Fair access that’s fairer on the environment

We’ve put a lot of thought into each fair pass. Our lanyards are made from a mix of bamboo fibre and recycled PET. Our badges are made using sustainably sourced wood pulp from Nordic trees, while 90% of the energy used to manufacture them is powered by renewables. Even the clip is made from re-used metal.

Positive Step 5

Reusable bottles that recover ocean plastic

Each 100% recyclable Deutsche Bank Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 25lbs of plastic bound for the ocean. Combined, our order of Ocean Bottles will support the collection of nearly 100 tonnes of plastic. By 2025, Ocean Bottle aims to collect the equivalent to seven billion plastic bottles, stopping them from ever entering our oceans. Good news for Ocean Bottle users, for plastic collectors – and for our oceans.

Positive Step 6

Scents and sustainability

Sourced locally, the Voyage et Cie toiletries and fragrances in our lounge are made using organic and natural aromas. Their glass containers can be reused and the paper packaging that they arrived in is both recycled and recyclable.

Positive Step 7

Responsible culture from cover to cover

LUX magazine treads lightly. This special issue has been printed on FSC™-certified paper made from a mix of post-consumer and responsibly grown virgin pulps. We also worked with a local printer to help cut carbon emissions created during shipping.

Frieze Art Fairs | 2022

Los Angeles, February 17-20; New York, May 18-22; Seoul, September 2-5; London, October 12-16

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