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Positive Steps at Frieze New York 2022

We're on a journey to make our lounge at Frieze New York operate more sustainably. Discover the steps we're taking towards net zero.

No matter how big the challenge, there are always positive steps you can take in the right direction. This is why, as part of Deutsche Bank’s commitments to biodiversity and ocean conservation, we’re looking continually for new ways to minimise the impact of our events on the environment – and offsetting any carbon emissions that we can’t reduce. 

From more energy-efficient coffee machines to serving plates made from fallen palm leaves, we’ve thought deeply about every detail of our lounges – and what we can do better. We’ve also begun working with new suppliers who share our commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions without sacrificing quality.


To ensure we continue to make progress each year, we commission a detailed carbon audit with First Climate and work with fellow members of the Ocean Risk & Resilience Action Alliance to offset our event activities.


Learn more about the positive steps we’re taking at Frieze New York 2022 below.

Positive Step 2

Fair access that's fairer on the environment

We’ve put a lot of thought into each fair pass. Our lanyards are made from a mix of bamboo fibre and recycled PET. Our badges are made using sustainably sourced wood pulp from Nordic trees, while 90% of the energy used to manufacture them is powered by renewables. Even the clip is made from re-used metal.

Positive Step 3

Reusable bottles that recover ocean plastic

Each 100% recyclable Deutsche Bank Ocean Bottle funds the collection of at least 1,000 plastic bottles before they enter the ocean. Combined, our order of Ocean Bottles will support the collection of more than 250,000lbs – or 110,000kg – of ocean-bound plastic. By 2025, Ocean Bottle aims to collect the equivalent to seven billion plastic bottles before they enter our oceans.

Positive Step 4

Scents and sustainability

Our hand sanitiser and the delicate fragrances used in our lounge are made using natural ingredients. Arriving in 100% recycled packaging, the fragrances in our lounge not only smell great but are good for the environment too.

Positive Step 5

Responsible culture from cover to cover

LUX magazine treads lightly. This special issue of LUX magazine has been printed on 100% recycled or FSC™-certified paper, which helps support biodiversity, using 100% vegetable-based inks and coatings, no petrochemicals and carbon-neutral distribution.

Positive Step 6

Turning used coffee pods into children’s playgrounds

Illy coffee machines significantly reduce energy consumption with their special fast-heating technology. The pods we use are recyclable too. In fact, the 5,000+ capsules used during Frieze Los Angeles 2022 will go on to be made into park benches and children’s playgrounds.

Positive Step 7

Working with nature to make our lounges climate-neutral

We work with First Climate to offset the CO2 produced by our lounges at each fair. Our lounges at Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2021 have been audited and the emissions offset, directly supporting a project designed to restore carbon-capturing mangroves in Colombia. A carbon audit for Frieze Los Angeles 2022 is underway and Frieze New York 2022 will follow soon after, further supporting the mangrove project and its capacity to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Positive Step 8

Choosing flowers with a future

Our flower supplier, Carlota, maintains a low usage of paper, plastics, and other materials that rely on natural resources. They keep water consumption as low as possible and deliver their beautiful arrangements by foot, by bicycle or the subway whenever possible. After the fair, our florals will be donated to BloomAgain Bklyn, a non-profit organisation that distributes once-used flowers to home-bound seniors, local nursing home residents, trauma and homeless survivors.

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New York, May 18-22; Seoul, September 2-5; London, October 12-16

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