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Wealth with Responsibility: The power of nature-based solutions

Harnessing the power of nature could breathe new life into ecosystems, protect communities and transform livelihoods. Watch our online event to learn more from our expert guest speakers.

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As international organisations look beyond conventional engineering methods to counter the effects of climate change, nature-based solutions (NbS) are fast emerging as a viable, impactful and economic alternative. 


The understanding that NbS could help mitigate some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time is growing. Now, philanthropy and private investment could help to take these ground-breaking solutions into the mainstream.


Watch our exclusive video to hear more about the transformational potential of nature-based solutions from our three expert guest speakers.


Stewart Maginnis,
Deputy Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Jane Madgwick,
CEO of Wetlands International


Callum Roberts,
Chief Scientific Advisor at the Maldives Coral Institute and Professor of Marine Conservation at Exeter University. 


Jacqueline Valouch,
Head of Wealth Planning & Philanthropy, Deutsche Bank International Private Bank


Salman Mahdi,
Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank International Private Bank


Sharing expertise in uncertain times.

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