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Passing your business into new hands

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Passing your business into new hands

Passing your business into new hands


Whether you are preparing for succession or selling your business, we can help you to navigate the process and tailor a plan that reflects your priorities and particular situation.


Stepping aside can be an emotional experience. Making sure your children are ready to take on leadership roles, or selling to another party entirely, will mean big changes in the way you spend your time and focus your attention. You are also likely to be faced with a sudden influx of wealth – a welcome situation, but one that comes with its own intricacies that must be managed carefully.


Succession planning: turning the page


The process of building and sustaining generational wealth can take many forms, and each entrepreneurial family needs a plan built around its own circumstances and goals. If you are approached with a buyout offer, the Bank for Entrepreneurs can leverage Deutsche Bank’s advanced Mergers & Acquisitions capabilities to help with the critical pre-transaction work. This puts you in the best position to evaluate your options with a clear view of the likely impact on your financial future. 


Even without an offer on-hand, our team of experts can help you strategise for an exit plan of your own making. We can arrange for the proper custodianship of the proceeds in the short and long term, and arrange this to match your family’s needs in everything from investment management to estate planning and philanthropy.


However you plan to transfer your wealth to the next generations, whether in the form of proceeds from a sale and new investments or custodianship of the business you have built, we can help make sure that your children and other beneficiaries have an understanding of the responsibilities they are taking on.


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Estate and Trust Planning

Whatever you wish for your wealth, we can tailor a plan that reflects your priorities and particular circumstances.

Selling Your Business

Our experienced team can help you prepare for the sale of your business as part of a holistic wealth plan aligned with your future goals and interests.