About the film: Dethroned & Displaced is an experimental, conceptual piece with focus on the symbolic representation of the African American lost and oppressed identity in which we examine the journey from Africa into Modern Day America.


About the film: In this abstract expression of love and fear, Cosmic Affirmation features an intimate song and request from one’s self to their higher self.


About the film: "Crenshaw and West 8th St and Lights and Camera and Action (and So On)" explores how the banality of Los Angeles is obscured by the facade of film, both as a commercial industry as well as filmmaking’s technical ability (specifically through camerawork and editing) to exude fantasy and desire. A reflection of the filmmaker’s upbringing, 8th and Crenshaw dissects the experience of memory and nostalgia through tangible means.


About the film: As a distraught young boy is grieving for a loved one, he finds his journey through grief takes him into the Angeles National Forest, where he discovers what he is capable of. Unconditional examines our relationship, as humans, with nature and the ongoing destruction of our ever-nurturing Earth.


About the film: An experimental exploration of tone in vignettes depicting a heightened reality that capture the essence of life in Whittier, California through the perspective of its residents.


About the film: On the anniversary of her mother's death, an artist appears to be over it all. When she is offered to take an otherworldly exit from this dimension, what decision will she make about a path that is uncertain?


About the film: After being rudely awakened from her peaceful dream, Dice struggles through an intense journey, culminating with her coming face to face with her greatest fears.


About the film: An aspiring TV Host sees her lifelong idol at an exclusive Hollywood party. After mustering up the courage to approach her superstar, she asks the veteran host for some advice. It’s not far into the conversation before her idol obliviously spits onto the young woman’s bottom lip. In a desperate attempt to save herself from being mortified, an internal war begins as the young woman tries to continue the conversation with the chunk of spittle hanging out on her lip.


About the film: A film inspired by the mild culture shock of moving from a rural community to LA, Ad Frequency is an exploration of advertising and dreams. It follows a young man who tries to escape the advertising that is invading his dreams. An exploration of modernization, monetization and how it affects our lives.


About the film: When a young boy is forced to move to LA and stay at his grandparent’s house for the summer, he tries to convince his mom to not leave him there. However, she has to travel for work. Left with no friends, Wifi, or games he begins to explore the house, discovers a magical book, and goes on an adventure traveling through different dimensions.



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