Entrepreneurship insights

Entrepreneurship insights

Growing your own business means overcoming new challenges at each stage of the growth journey. Our insights come from in-house experts and the entrepreneurs who agree to share their growth stories with us.

Entrepreneurs and their challenges


A company means tackling new challenges at every stage of the business. How can my bank help me grow? What funding do I have? What does this mean for me personally - and my family? Each entrepreneur faces unique choices that determine his or her future business journey - here are some of them.



Sabine Roemer: the craft of jewellery and shaping tomorrow

A work-experience placement changed Sabine Roemer’s life forever. From making her first piece in a small goldsmith’s workshop aged 15 to designing jewellery for Hollywood royalty, this is her story.

Dec. 15, 2022


News feature

Are family businesses more resilient?

Family-owned businesses apparently fare better in complex crises like the Covid pandemic. Read more to learn why that is and what other companies can learn from them.

Aug. 01, 2022

Eric Krafft


Eric Krafft: Full speed ahead

Eric Krafft, an investor and the son of a celebrated cruise ship entrepreneur, talks to WERTE about geopolitics, green energy sources and increased independence in supply chains.

May. 19, 2022



Pilar Martínez-Cosentino: As solid as stone in perpetuity

Staying power and resilience distinguish the family-run business of Pilar Martínez-Cosentino – just like their products, which are the bedrock of dreams worldwide

May. 19, 2022



Ghassan Aboud: “I always work for the greater good”

In just a few years, the Syrian businessman Ghassan Aboud built a billion-dollar empire. But charity is even closer to his heart. WERTE has asked him what it takes to be a global entrepreneur.

Apr. 12, 2022



Javier Toledo: house of stars

Javier Toledo is responsible for making sure actors look the part, supplying the international film industry with costumes, uniforms and all kinds of accessories.

Mar. 24, 2022



Nicoletta Spagnoli: “The longing for beauty never dies”

The success of Italian fashion brand Luisa Spagnoli has always been due to the ingenious women at the top of the company. A portrait of entrepreneur Nicoletta Spagnoli.

Mar. 03, 2022



Retail Beyond COVID-19 – has the pandemic changed the game?

It might seem that coronavirus pandemic set retail on a new path – but this is not the end of the story. Watch our video briefing to learn more about the changes taking place in the sector.

Nov. 25, 2021



Real estate beyond COVID-19: has the pandemic changed the game?

The coronavirus pandemic caused immense disruption in global real estate markets, but new investment opportunities will emerge as the crisis comes to an end. Watch our video briefing to learn more.

Apr. 28, 2021


Event report

Al Gore on the perils and potential of climate change

Climate is "your generation's life or death struggle," the former US Vice President tells our annual Innovation Summit.

Nov. 22, 2019

Harlan Estate | a new wine dynasty | Deutsche Wealth Management

Feature article

Harlan Estate: a new wine dynasty

One of the first generation of superstar modern-wine growers in California's Napa Valley, Bill Harlan - founder of the renowned Harlan Estate - is facing a new challenge: passing on a successful family business to his children.

Jun. 05, 2019


Feature article

Montegrappa: the exquisite art of writing

The third generation of his family to head Italian pen-makers Montegrappa, Giuseppe Aquila is defying the digital age with fountain pens that can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

May. 07, 2019


Feature article

Allegra Antinori: a new harvest

How the Antinori sisters are adapting their wine business, which has been in the family for hundreds of years, to withstand global warming.

May. 01, 2019


Feature article

Synthetic biology: improving on evolution

Synthetic biology companies are re-engineering natural organisms to create sustainable products that are already having an impact on the planet.

May. 01, 2019


Feature article

Ricky Burdett: living in an urban age

Driverless cars and smart cities are interesting experiments, but are they enough to solve the challenges of dramatic urbanisation? Ricky Burdett, Professor of Urban Studies at the London School of Economics explains how we might plan more sustainable cities.

May. 01, 2019


Feature article

Pininfarina goes back to the future

Following the launch of the Battista electric hypercar, Paolo Pininfarina reveals what it takes for a heritage brand to keep ahead.

May. 01, 2019


Feature article

Peggy Dulany: philanthropy built on trust

The Rockefeller philanthropist who believes collaboration creates social change.

Apr. 29, 2019


Feature article

Swarovski: Making crystals for the world

Swarovski is a uniquely accomplished family-owned business, with its headquarters and crystal museum based in Austria. Company scion Nadja Swarovski describes how she and her family have reinvented the 123-year-old business – collaborating with leading architects and fashion designers – for the 21st century

Jan. 29, 2019

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