Our ocean journey

An ocean journey

We are on a journey to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean to the global economy and life on earth.


The ocean underpins the global economy and provides essential services for life on earth. This vital habitat also plays a critical role in carbon storage and regulating climate. Our focus on the ocean has shaped our research and deepened our understanding of the links between nature and the economy.


The ocean produces over half the oxygen we breathe, influences weather patterns and provides sustenance for millions of people. It's also a crucial part of our infrastructure, supporting 90% of our transportation. Yet it’s under threat like never before. CO2 emissions, acidification and overfishing are endangering its diverse marine life and threatening coastal communities. What’s more, the economic significance of the ocean is still under-recognised and underappreciated.

A few of our ocean highlights

  • Since 2021, we’ve partnered with the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA) to encourage global action and private finance for marine and coastal natural capital, and promote a sustainable blue economy. 
  • In 2023, we became the first bank to join #BackBlue, an ORRAA initiative that commits the Deutsche Bank Group to strengthening its due diligence requirements for ocean-related activities.
  • During these years, we have collaborated with numerous thought-leaders in the ocean space on publications and events, expanding our knowledge about the pressures the ocean is experiencing and building the case for systemic changes that will bring about a truly sustainable blue economy. Through our thought leadership, we aim to raise awareness of the ocean’s importance to society, the climate and the economy - and its vulnerability.
  • Most recently in 2024, we hosted a workshop at the Economist's World Ocean Summit exploring how metrics, regulation, litigation and finance all play roles in building a sustainable blue economy. And how we need think differently about economic relationship with the ocean, looking more closely at company value chains and their dependence on nature. Click to view the key takeaways.  


To learn more about the ocean and investing in the blue economy, listen to our podcast or read our CIO report.



The metrics that matter: investing in the sustainable blue economy
The Economist World Ocean Summit

The metrics that matter: investing in the sustainable blue economy

At the Economist’s 11th annual World Ocean Summit, we hosted a "How To" session aimed at creating a set of action points and practical takeaways for individuals and organisations committed to restoring ocean health.

Investing in the Blue Economy: a blueprint for action
Future Fundamentals podcast

Investing in the Blue Economy: a blueprint for action

Why is the the ocean so important to the long-term performance of the global economy? And what investment opportunities might emerge as the sustainable blue economy develops? These are among the questions discussed in the first of four episodes dedicated to Investing in the Blue Economy.

The Ocean: an essential pillar of planetary life
CIO Special report

The Ocean: an essential pillar of planetary life

The ocean preserves our planet and society. Without the ecosystem services the ocean provides, we would be in serious trouble – but the threats to the ocean are real, immediate and potentially catastrophic.

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The 2024 Economist Impact World Ocean Summit

Our CIO for ESG, Markus Müller, addressed some of the world's leading ocean thinkers, investors and advocates at this event in Lisbon designed to drive progress towards a sustainable blue economy.

Apr. 25, 2024

The Deutsche Bank Ocean Resilience Philanthropy Fund Status Update

Impact report

The Deutsche Bank Ocean Resilience Philanthropy Fund Status Update

The Fund aims to make a real and tangible impact in advancing Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for ocean and marine ecosystems’ conservation, restoration and adaptation to climate change. Our January 2024 update includes two significant steps supporting our commitment to ocean conservation.

Jan. 25, 2024

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Does coral have a future? Why all eyes should be on the Maldives in 2024

Time is running out to save the world’s coral reefs, says Professor Callum Roberts, but new findings suggest we can help them to survive climate change

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Creating positive energy: how to accelerate green infrastructure

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Entrepreneurs on creating businesses for the good of the oceans

A new generation of individuals are setting up companies worldwide to radically overhaul how we interact with our oceans, and help save our planet while building a sustainable blue economy. Chris Stokel-Walker of LUX magazine speaks to entrepreneurs trying to make a positive impact in the ocean space.

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The sustainable blue economy

What is the blue economy?

The sustainable blue economy​ refers to all economic activity linked to the ocean that takes place within a framework designed to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and allow for equitable development​.

Aug. 14, 2023

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Baroness Scotland: for the common good

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