Fine Art Lending Services
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What is art lending?

John Arena, Deutsche Bank's Head of Art Lending, explains how you might unlock liquidity from your art collection, without selling the work the you love.

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How does it work?

Looking to grow your art collection? Or to fund a new investment opportunity? John Arena, Head of Art Lending, explains how your collection could help.

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Whether you are looking to fund an investment in fine art, an addition to your current personal collection, or another business or personal opportunity, our Fine Art Lending programme is designed to complement your overall wealth planning strategy.

Our financing specialists can work closely with you to identify and evaluate all your fine art financing options – for example, a loan that provides liquidity against an existing art collection alone, or combined with any other assets.


What sets us apart when it comes to financing solutions?


    Global liquidity capabilities, which span multiple onshore and offshore locations and domiciles, leveraging the worldwide Deutsche Bank network



    The ability to finance your liquid assets and to structure loans against less liquid assets such as fine art, as well as real estate, private aircraft and corporate investments



    Our expertise and ability to tailor to individual situations, with a global team specialising in custom lending solutions


The products and services described on this page are not appropriate for everyone, so you should make a decision based on your financial, legal and tax situation after consultation with your tax and legal advisors. Deutsche Bank does not provide accounting, tax or legal advice to its clients. This information is not financial advice or a solicitation. 

This is not a commitment by Deutsche Bank AG or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively referred to as “Deutsche Bank” or “Bank”) to make any loan. Loan transactions are subject to (i) the Bank’s due diligence procedures, including but not limited to “know your customer” policies, (ii) satisfaction with the proposed borrower’s financial position, legal structure, ownership and management, (iii) review and approval by the appropriate credit departments, (iv) internal lending and collateral limits, (v) compliance with applicable laws and regulations in effect from time to time and (vi) the execution and delivery of approved documentation for the transaction in form and substance acceptable to the Bank and its counsel. The Bank’s lending programs are subject to periodic review and change without prior notice. Where applicable, additional loan-related and closing costs may include, but are not limited to, title insurance, document preparation and attorney’s fees. 

Investing with borrowed money contains risk. No assurance can be given that investors’ investment objectives will be achieved, or that investors will receive a return of all or part of their investment. Investments using borrowed money are suitable only for persons who can afford to lose their entire investments. Before investing, prospective investors should carefully consider these risks and others, such as borrowing costs, repayment terms, and liquidity. 

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